About Jay Griffin

I’m Jay Griffin a Christian and Constitutional Conservative. My wife is a Christian, and as a survivor of a formerly communist, atheist, dictatorship country she’s been my greatest teacher on the American liberties that we treasure. My children are pupils in Peoria public, charter, and ESA-funded home and micro-schools; some who have been fatherless and some who also have special needs. Our family has lived in Peoria for 16 years.

I’m deaf and use acoustic and bionic technologies to hear. My personal, academic, and professional expertise is in Hearing Improvement; including 12 years regulating Speech and Hearing Professionals in Arizona Public Health Licensing. Currently, I work as a Public Service Assistant for the City of Glendale at the Foothills Branch Library. Previously I have worked at Public School Health Office Support Administrator for Maricopa County Public Health; a Brick Specialist at The LEGO Store in Arrowhead. You may have also seen me demonstrate blacksmithing for school and special events in the last 12 years at the Historic Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ.